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                                                     april 2017/2560

B R O K E N   M I R R O R     by Stuart Pireck

a thrilling thriller


  Post Lux Tenebras *

         the inverted motto of the Republic and Canton of Geneva (post tenebras lux), Switzerland

 Yes, it seems that actually things are going upsy turvy...every where on this little blue dot, called Earth (Gaia)

                                                                                                      The "victim" is the "culprit", the culprit is the victim...

                                                                                                                                    And On and On

                                                                                                                       Time to reverse to " normal" !!!

                                                                             Three thousand years of lies, get rid of the old belief systems, do dialectical work conscious-unconscious

                                                                                                        Read the old "classics" in forefront PLATO and the presocratics



Confronting the Black Eagle...

                                                                                                                     *     *     *


Pat, a young californian student in science rushes back to Switzerland following the sudden death of his wealthy uncle, Arnold,  owner of the remains of an old castle, the Chartreuse.

Some strange events push him to investigate about the death and the inheritance of his relative.
The discovery of a big chest containing some very strange artifacts, 3 colored spheres, black, white and red, a huge bottle containing  some silvery material connected to serpentine wires and box,  a rolled up document with a kind of hyeroglyphic writing...

Without knowing that his inquiry will involve him in an evil adventure, he follows his intuition ...

He will be confronted to an occult mafia-political group, the Black Eagle, that is linked to a world domination plan.

Like russian dolls, he will open one by one the covers of the plot, but unlike the dolls becoming smaller and smaller, the outwinding story will become larger and larger...

***Mot du jour (3.27.2017/2560):

Ce n'est pas en regardant la lumière qu'on devient lumineux, mais en plongeant dans son obscurité!

Its not in gazing at the light that ones gets luminous, but in diving in its darkness!

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life an you will call it fate.


Délier une affaire n'est pas délirer!


                                                                                                           *     *     *

Other books of Stuart Pireck

- Calomnies et Médisances  (1993)
- The Oligophrenic Parrots  (2001)
- The Prisonners  of Time (2012)
- The Quantic Door  (2016)
- Our Hidden Friends (2017/2560)



 The Family Order of Chevalry

1 The Green Dragon Lodge and the Triads

2 the Chartreuse, b4 destruction

3 MIND CONTROL with private datas knowledge, coined PROFILING (telephone hacking or scanning, facebook, meeting &chatting sites, google surfing, different chipsed buying cards, etc...)  and emotional/ RSAA manipulation via microwaves/ultrasonicwaves and psychoactive drugs (was first experimented by the nazis...)

4 New opportunity for  Mafias:  infiltration of information networks (internet, telephone companies) complementary  to drugs, sex and  weapons dealings, investments in 5 stars hotels and real estate (now a big deal in India  and other 3rd world countries). Blackmailing of inluent people, trapped by controlled sexy call girls and taped in  mafia owned hotel rooms ...

5 Infiltration of freemasonry by mafias


Find 'm: Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Einstein, Alan Watts, Baruch Spinoza, C.G.Jung, Carl Sagan, Terence Mc Kenna, Nicolas Tesla and Others...

Not seen on the right bldg corner: Lao Tze, Adi Shankara, Rumi



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